Restoring Your Mower with Repairs in Ashford, Kent

For lawnmower parts and maintenance services which will restore your machine to working order, choose a company that refurbishes lawnmowers on a daily basis. Based in Ashford, Kent, our practised company has the knowledge needed to return your lawnmower to service.

Bringing Your Machine Back to Life

The "Get Going" service we provide consists of us cleaning your mower's carburettor, this will help restore your mowers fueling levels. Costing a small amount of £30, this service also includes a free coat of laquer to improve your mowers asthetical look.

Thoroughly Restoring Lawnmowers

The "Full" service we provide offers a more comprehensive repair. While this service does not include the cost of any additional required parts, it consists of: a new spark plug, new air filter, fresh oil, underside cleaned and undersealed along with the blade being sharpened and re-balanced.

Chainsaw Blade Sharpening & Servicing

A stand-alone blade sharpening is available for the low cost of £5 per blade. Chainsaws and all 2 stroke machinery servicing costs only £25.

Built Around Convenience

At Ashford Mower and Garden Services, we believe in offering our customers as much value as possible. That's why we offer a free collection and delivery service in which we pick up your machine and return it once our work is carried out. This service is available for customers within a 15-mile radius of our business. Additionally, clients are welcome to walk in with their machine and, based on availability, we will carry out our services while you wait.

Mobile Servicing

An additional feature, that makes our business unique is that we now offer a mobile version of our lawnmower servicing. With this feature if you need your lawnmower back ASAP we will now service it at your property, so you can have it back the exact same day.

Courtesy Machines Available

Because we are compelled to go the extra mile to assist our clients, we offer a courtesy lawnmower in cases where returning your machine may take more than a few days. This means you won't be left without the means to manage your lawn while our technicians are hard at work on your lawnmower. Alternatively, you may consider utilising our experienced lawn care services.

Expedient Replacements

There is a vast range of spare parts available in our store. For pieces specific to certain lawnmower models, we are capable of ordering in replacements and tend to receive them within just 24 hours. When you provide the make and model of your machine, we will swiftly source genuine Briggs & Stratton™ parts to replace your faulty or missing components.

Stocking a Host of Components

The catalogue of parts we have available is exhaustive. It includes:

• Spark Plugs
• Engines
• Wheels and Wheel Sets

• Air Filters
• Service Kits
• Carburettor Parts

• Complete Service Kits
• Grass Boxes
• Cable Sets

• Recoils
• Handlebar Sets
• Carburettor Repair Kits

Contact us today, in Ashford, Kent, to learn more about the lawnmower parts and maintenance services we provide.