Supplying Dependable Second-Hand Lawnmowers in Ashford, Kent

When you're in the market for second-hand or refurbished lawnmowers, make sure to choose a company that performs the refurbishment themselves. Otherwise, you could spend extortionate amounts on faulty equipment. Based in Ashford, Kent, our company performs the restoration of second-hand mowers personally, meaning we know exactly what each machine is capable of.

Second-Hand, Not Second-Rate

The lawnmowers we have for sale are fully refurbished, second-hand machines. Taking in faulty, yet complete, machines that would otherwise go to waste, we personally refurbish them for sale at prices below £100. Whether you're looking for a self-propelled or push lawnmower, we are certain to have a model that suits your needs perfectly.

A Comprehensive Restoration

Deconstructing the machines we receive, our technicians clean and repair each component piece. Respraying parts when necessary, the mower is then reassembled and restored to full operational condition. Because we believe in providing you with a convenient and valuable service, a full, three-month returns warranty is offered exclusively for the mowers that we have reconditioned.

Environmentally Friendly

By recycling damaged lawnmowers and preparing them to be used once again, we perform a service that greatly benefits the environment. Preventing machines from being unnecessarily tipped frees up precious space in overburdened landfill, and means that the materials which were used to create the lawnmower are not unnecessarily wasted.

Accepting Your Machine

Depending on the model and condition, we may offer a minimum part exchange for a discarded lawnmower. However, we will only accept machines which are complete and provided with their grass box. Additionally, we also perform expert lawnmower repairs

Contact us today, in Ashford, Kent, to discuss our full range of second-hand and refurbished lawnmowers.